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The best selection of vodka in New York

Absolut 12
(Swedish grain vodka)

Absolut Flavors 12
(Citron, Kurant, Mango, Wild Tea, Vanilia, & Raspberri)

(Polish rye vodka distilled four times)

Belvedere Intense 18

Belvedere Pink Grapefruit 18
(Macerated with real Grapefruit)

Belvedere Citrus18
(Macerated with lemon and lime)

(Russian vodka made with hyaline artesian water from
Siberian springs)

Bison Grass 14
(Polish vodka flavored with essence from “Bison Grass”)

Charbay Blood Orange14
(Blended with tree-ripened blood oranges from California)

(Potato vodka from Poland)

(Grape vodka from the Cognac region in France – distilled five times)

Czar's Village18
(Russian vodka distilled from grain)

Effen Black Cherry Vanilla12
(Vodka with natural Black Cherry and Vanilla from Holland)

(Local grains filtered through glacial rock)

Grey Goose14
(Grains from the breadbasket region of France)

Grey Goose La Poire 14
(Pear-flavored vodka from France)

Grey Goose L’Orange 14
(French grain vodka infused with four different types of oranges)

Hangar 114
(American blend of wheat and viognier grapes)

Hangar One Kaffir Lime14
(American vodka blended with Indonesian Kaffir limes) 14

(Russian winter wheat vodka that is rigorously distilled eight times)

Imperial Coll. Super 20
(Russian grain vodka distilled through membrane filter – 100 proof)

Jewel of Russia 18
(Russian wheat filtered through five-step slow-flow process)

Jewel of Russia Ultra22
(Russian wheat that undergoes additional rectification)

Jewel of Russia Wild Berry16
(Russian vodka blended with hand-picked wild bilberries)

Karlsson's Gold14
(Distilled from Swedish golden potatoes)

Ketel One 14
(Premium vodka from Holland filtered through charcoal)

Ketel One Citroen 12
(Citrus flavored vodka from Holland)

Russian Standard 14
(Traditional winter wheat vodka)

Stolichnaya 12
(Russian grain vodka with glacial water)

Stolichnaya Blueberi 12
(Russian grain vodka flavored with blueberries)

Stolichnaya Cranberi 12
(Russian grain vodka flavored with cranberries)

Stolichnaya Elit 18
(Distillation process using a modernized freezing method)

Stolichnaya Ohranj 12
(Russian grain vodka flavored with orange zest, juice and pulp)

Stolichnaya Vanil 12
(Russian grain vodka flavored with extracts of vanilla beans)

Ultimat 20
(Polish vodka distilled from grain and potatoes)

Zyr 12
(Russian winter wheat and rye distilled five times & filtered nine times)

Specialty Flights

Each flight comes with one 3/4oz taste of each spirit listed

Vodka Flight 26/30
A choice of 3 or 4 Russian vodkas

Karlson’s Gold

Jewel of Russia

Jewel of Russia Wild Berry Skyy


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